About Us

It is all and always about you. We offer the options, you make the choice. Each and every professional has soothing scents and silky moisturizers to assure supple skin and glowing, healthy nails. Every manicure involves a consoling stress-releasing hand and legs massage and therapeutic exfoliates to mellow the skin. Choose the treatment. Select a redolent-scrub. Enjoy.

Foot massage

Foot massage is a procedure with hot stone inserting pressure on vital points in the foot to help to release stress, develop blood circulation, urges deep relaxation and assists remove toxins and waste from your structure.

Nail Art

Nail art converts nails through embellishing, painting, and decorating them. This also involves all forms of 3D nail designing, and custom painted stick on nails. It is an exceptional procedure which includes special maintenance of the nails.


Waxing is a beloved form of semi-permanent hair removal. We offer the highest standards to assure you receive a quick, beneficial and almost pain-free treatment. We just utilize the highest quality items accessible and we always utilize non-recycled wax and sterilized tools.


There are several nail treatments accessible to favor a variety of different needs. Not only will the manicure cherish your nails, but it will also leave you being relaxed and nice. Our Manicures preserves your hands being great. At first your cuticles are forced back and tidied; your finger nails are trimmed and shaped. And later, we massage your hands and end up by polishing your nails.

About Us


A pedicure is an outstanding treatment. It involves a hot stone massage to release exhausted feet and is a heavenly way for some peace and relaxation after standing on your feet all along. This luxurious treatment is processed to soften and smooth your soles and heels, whilst maintaining for your nails.